Where Am I? Teaser | Experimental | Made together with Zora Prins, Iceland 2019
  • Exhibited at A lonely show, Sexyland Amsterdam 2020
  • Exhibited at Elastiek, Roodkapje Rotterdam 2020



An adolescent week | Documentary |  Project Selfportret HKU 2018



Lost.  |  Three screen installation  |  Project HKU 2018

Music by Yasha Mostert | Recording manager by Kate Hummel | Light by Hidde Muskee | Sound by Vasco Vlasveld
Leading role by Leon van Steeg
Extra Daan Zinkhaan, Zora Prins, Zoë Donner, Luc Almekinders, Cem Sahin, Jesse Vriesma and all the other Bijlmerbajes kids

  • Exhibited at the gallery ArtRoomMina in Amsterdam 2019



Koning geld en koningin leven  |  Documentary  | Project HKU 2018
Co-doirector Manna Duk



The Refugee  | Fiction/Videoclip  | Submitting film for the film academy 2017
Cinematography by Boris Bergshoeff



Connections  | Documentary  | Project HKU 2018
Cinematography by Oliver Helmstadt



Ophemel  |  Fiction/Videoclip  | Project Open studio (Filmschool) 2017
Assisted by Daan van de Geest
Leading role by Felix Osinga