Mees Bergshoeff

mees bergehoeff

Looking out the window, filmmaker on the side.

Based in London, doing a masters Art theory and Philosophy at the University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins. Has a bachelor of design in Audiovisual media at The University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. Graduated summa cum laude with honors. 









WHAT DO YOU THINK? I almost lost my butt crack

On the day, 10th of April, we get a glimpse of seven people who are stuck in their mind bubbles, and try to break out of them. This absurd five-chapter film lets you reflect on our 21st century contemporary living in a surprisingly philosophical way. It’s an eclectic film that plays with the mix of high and low art.

lenght: 28.09 min.

Graduation movie at The University of the Arts Utrecht.

Where Am I? 

A sensible translation of the feeling of being lost. Made intuitively together with Zora Prins residenting two months in Iceland.

lenght: Teaser 01.47 min.
full 08.09 min.


Three screen experimental movie about that feeling of being lonely in a crowd.

lenght: 05.08 min.


An insight in a week of a teeny twenty something individual who got the assingment to make a documentary about themself.

lenght: 07.41 min.

King money and queen living

A documentary on the anti-capitalistic philosophies of Karin Verberne.
Made together with Manna Duk.

lenght: 06.35 min.



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An essayistic research of the connection of love.

D.O.P. Oliver Helmstadt

lenght: 03.40 min.


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The refugee

Dysphoric reality in a Videoclip on the song Fresku - Altijd alleen.

D.O.P. Boris Bergshoeff

lenght: 05.29 min.


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