Mees Bergshoeff

mees bergehoeff

Looking out the window, filmmaker on the side.

Based in London, doing a masters Art theory and Philosophy at the University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins. Has a bachelor of design in Audiovisual media at The University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands. Graduated summa cum laude with honors. 








WHAT DO YOU THINK? I almost lost my butt crack

On the day, 10th of April, we get a glimpse of seven people who are stuck in their mind bubbles, and try to break out of them. This absurd five-chapter film lets you reflect on our 21st century contemporary living in a surprisingly philosophical way. It’s an eclectic film that plays with the mix of high and low art.

length: 28.09 min.
Graduation movie at The University of the Arts Utrecht.


Vers film magazine 2021 publication, interview and writing about the movie.

Vice inteview about shooting the movie during the evening clock.


- Vers Film Awards, The Netherlands June 2022
- Dirty spread collective Bristol, United Kingdom 2022
- SexylandWorld, Amsterdam 2021
- De Uitkijk, Amsterdam 2021
- Première at Lab111 Amsterdam 2021


- Nominated for the Vers Film Awards, The Netherlands 2022
- Big fridge International film festival, London 2021 Semi finalist 2022

- First time Filmmaker, London 2021
- Berlin indie film festival 2021
- Weird wednesday, Stuttgart 2021

To see the filmplan, click here. To see the movie click on the stills of the film, the password is buttcrack